London Fashion week from Catwalk to your Closet .

London Fashion Week, where the designers drop the British ‘stiff upper lip’ tradition and let their imaginations run wild . L.F.W is renowned for its experimental expression but it can be hard to see how these looks can translate into our every day wear .That’s where we at Style Nation can help .We’ve selected some of our favourite trends from L.F.W and show you how you can re-create these simple looks by merely delving into the depths of your wardrobe and without having to spend a cent !

Trend No.1 – Multi-dimensional Maximalism .

Now there is a mouthful ! It’s all about more,more,more ! Multiple textures ,mega bold prints and complex layering which is good news for us in freezing Ireland .We’ve chosen this adorable look from Temperely London .Now, we all own a good geansai thanks to our mums, so we suggest layering this sweater over a crisp white shirt ,team it with a circle skirt and heavy knit tights or, leggings or knee high socks and boots to re-create this Catwalk look .

Temperely London Fashion Week

Trend No. 2 -The Sensible shoe 

Can I get a Hallelujah!! Now girls, we all adore our high heels but isn’t it sometimes like you’re just one more step from that bunion you never wanted ! Ask Posh she know’s all about it! Well good news is afoot. It’s time to ditch the 7-inchers, bin those party feet and welcome the new sensible shoe trend .We’re not talking orthopaedic’s like your Granma’s, but trainers,biker boots and clumpy shoes. Right across the collections and on the street at L.F.W was a veritable tip of the hat to the nineties where Doc Martens , Adidas trainers and comfy shoes gave those poor teetering equine-esque models ankles the right kind of break for once .We at Style Nation recommend hauling that party dress out of your wardrobe and teaming it up with trainers for this sensational look  from Christopher Kane .

Christopher Kane London Fashion week


Trend No. 3 – Acid brights

L.F.W was awash with colour, with blues more royal than Kate Middleton herself to oxblood red ! We at Style Nation love the flashes of bright colours featured everywhere ,on the catwalk and off .We’ve chosen this outfit by Pringle just to show you how easy it can be ! Even for those ladies who aren’t crazy about brights, it’s a completely workable look .We suggest choosing one item that can add a flash of neon bright to your day. Layer this under a black top and pair with black pants ,two staples of every woman’s wardrobe.Taking inspiration from the streets you can also update your look simply by adding some bright accessories. This trend will carry you right through to summer 2014 with pastel brights resuming their firm foothold in summer fashion.

Pringle London Fashion week



Some looks we loved On The Street at London Fashion week :These Ladies know whats what when it comes to styling up those comfortable shoes .

flatshoe street peeps

Taking Maximalism to the next level ,we love the combination of textures and fabrics , and nobody does it better than Style Queen Olivia Palermo .


Bright is beautiful ! We love the way these ladies have styled this seasons acid brights .See there’s nothing to be scared of .Update your wardrobe with a splash of colour .


neon trend street style

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