The Beauty Spot

What started out as a simple video to show you how to apply a little bit of make up with presenter Edel Kirke, soon became one of the biggest and definitely the best fashion parties Ireland has seen in a long time…

The beauty spot in Dakota was the first free make over club surrounded by great pop up shops/online retailers from around the area, as it grew we brought in DJ’s and then introduced closet clearouts via our People Pop Up Shops and the rest as they say is history.  The beauty spot last year toured around Ireland for 3 months and met over 6,000 people on the way, as well as keeping the regular crowed in Dakota on Thursdays entertained.

So now were coming up with a nice new beauty spot party, which has all the elements you love with some interesting ones we think you’ll like, be back soon.

if you want to get involved with the beauty spot please drop us a mail at info at straywave dot com

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